Eivind Arvesen

Security and Privacy Professional

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I am a man with a passion for technology and the way it affects society. Some of my fields of interest include security, privacy, the web, machine learning, human–computer interaction and programming ethics.

I currently work as Group Cyber Security Manager at Sector Alarm.
Previously, I've held roles such as tech lead, senior software developer and architect, head of security competency group, security champion, privacy resource and advisor.
My Master's project was focused on using machine learning to automatically classify Alzheimer's disease in MRI.

I specialize in security and privacy, and dabble in pentesting (I'm currently working towards my OSCP). In my spare time, I compete in CTFs, write op-eds, and contribute to open source.
In early 2020 I was part of an independent expert panel tasked with evaluating security and privacy in the Norwegian COVID-19 app.

I'm a regular public speaker, and have often taught infosec and appsec. I've worked both in-house as well as a consultant, in both public and private sector organizations.
I'm also involved in my local OWASP Chapter.

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Latest projects

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