Plain Text TODO

In the folders of my various projects - software or otherwise - I usually add two files that i add to my .gitignore, which only serve as personal notes.

The first file is, which I treat as a scratchpad of sorts; It contains only temporary information: braindumps, interesting links, etc.

The other is TODO.diff, which is a living TODO-list for the project in question.

The TODO-list leverages the diff-file syntax highlighting of my text editor: tasks that are yet to be done are marked with an -, while performed tasks are marked with +, and so on.

An example would be:

! A header
*** Important ***
+ A finished task
- An unfinished task

which looks like this in my editor:

Todo list in editor

This affords me visual clues as to the status of the various tasks I have defined, while still keeping the list in a plain text format.


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