Teaching a React/Redux-workshop

This fall I had the pleasure of running a React/Redux-workshop three times internally at Bouvet, along with my colleague, Lars Dølvik.

It was immensely popular – in fact, I was told that all twenty spots for the first workshop were gone before the event description was filled out!

A few things we hadn't really prepared for specifically, but figured out along the way was:

  • Some low volume, chill music makes for a more comfortable atmosphere than silence
  • Keep presentations informative, but concise – people learn more by doing than by listening
  • If the workshop is partitioned into sections (and/or there's multiple presentations), you should probably poll the participants somehow, to see how the average progress is going
  • Walk around the room to make sure nobody gets stuck (this also ties into the previous point)
  • Engage with and talk to participants, both on- and off-topic; Instructors should come across as light-hearted and easily approachable, and build an engaging and inclusive setting, so that nobody is afraid of asking for help (from anybody)

Our materials are available on GitHub, and our slides are available here.

The course material was largely based on work originally done by Bergen Nerdschool.

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