At year's end

Looking back, this year has been a pretty eventful one for me.

I've met many interesting new people, learned a bunch of new stuff and pushed myself both personally and professionally.

A recent tweet from Adam J. Kurtz made me take a quick inventory:

A lot has happened – both personally and professionally – and I'll just write a few words to sum some of it up here.

1. Wrote a critique of a new surveillance bill
and got a reply from the Norwegian Defense Minister

I wrote a piece (original Norwegian, English Google Translation) critiquing a new mass surveillance bill, and the fact that there's no political debate surrounding it.

I got a response (original Norwegian, English Google Translation) from Grunde Almeland (of the Liberal Party), as well as a response (original Norwegian, English Google Translation) the Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen.

I then posted a critique (original Norwegian, English Google Translation) of the government handling of the issue, and the Defense Minister's lack of arguments.

2. Got third place in the Paranoia Cyber Security Challenge

I've blogged about this earlier, but I basically surprised myself in getting third place in a pretty realistic cyber security challenge affiliated with one of the Nordic regions largest and most exciting Info Sec Conferences.

3. Held a bunch of public talks,
including at the Oslo Hacktoberfest that I hosted

There are too many talks to detail, but basically: holding a talk at an internal conference evening at Bouvet inspired me to push myself to get better at and do more public speaking – and to use this as an excuse to understand something better or to learn something new entirely.

It's been a great and exciting year.

Here's to the next one!

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