A little break

Wow! The start of this year went by so fast.

I've kept busy, though. A quick summary:

  • Still writing and arguing about why mass surveillance is expensive, ineffective, totalitarian, illiberal and anti-democratic – pretty much a bad idea.

  • A few months a ago I was given responsibility for the subject groups "Security", as well as "DevOps and LEAN" at work – which has predictably lead to a few more meetings, organizational work and so on.

  • I've also started getting active in writing proposals for various conferences, mostly around webdev, security, privacy, machine learning and HCI.
  • Finally finished an MVP and did a private Alpha-test of an application based on some ideas in HCI and OS-interfaces I've been working on for a few years.
  • Got sick (twice!)
  • Went on vacation (twice!)
    • Wedding in Cuba
    • Roadtrip in Texas

Got a lot brewing these days though, so stay tuned!


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