Getting Alfa AWUS036ACH up and running on Kali

Last night, I finally got my Alfa AWUS036ACH up and rolling on Kali 2019.4 running in Virtualbox.

Here's a very short how-to:

  • Plug in your NIC
  • Open the settings for your Kali VM
    • Go to "Ports" => "USB"; Select "USB 3.0"
    • Click the Icon with a plus-sign on it, and add the "Realtek 802.11n NIC" filter
  • Start your Kali VM
  • Run git clone -b v5.6.4.2 to clone drivers from the aircrack-ng project for the rtl8812au-chipset, and navigate into the folder using cd rtl8812au
  • Run sudo ./ to install the driver via dkms.

That was it.

For more information, check the README for the driver.

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